Rajalta rajalle -hiihto

Border to border - skiing event

Skiers starting journey

We apologize for our silence. We, the organizers, we are currently investigating whether 38. Border to Border Ski -event can safely organized in March 2021. We will continuously monitor the development of the corona pandemic in us and around the world and will comply with all regulations, guidelines and recommendations issued by the authorities. On September 23, 2020, the organizers will meet and we announce the future no later than September 25, 2020. We will only open registration after that, if the situation allows.

We hope you will understand and can wait a while longer. For us, human health, is the most important thing of all.

With best skiing regards,

Minna Hirvonen
Border to Border Ski


RR 2023

(RR1:   9.3. - 15.3.2023) *

 RR2: 10.3. - 16.3.2023

 RR3: 11.3. - 17.3.2023 

 RR4: 12.3. - 18.3.2023

*Avataan rekisteröitymiselle kun muut ryhmät ovat täynnä / Opens for registration when other groups are full.

Hinta vuodelle 2023 on 1480€ / Fee for 2023 is 1480€.