Rajalta rajalle -hiihto

Border to border - skiing event

The Packing Checklist for Border to Border Ski


What to pack when skiing more than 400 km long tour in North Finland? Here is a checklist what to pack for your Border to Border Skiing holiday. It is not complete, but you might get some useful tips for your packing.


First, we want to remind you that the weather conditions vary a lot during March in Finland.  That is why you should take clothes for warm days (from +5 to zero Celsius) as well as for the cold days (-15 to -30 Celsius). It is not rare to have -25 Celsius the time you start to ski in the morning. Even if that might sound frightening, in those mornings the scenery is the most beautiful. The snow is shining like millions of diamonds and the colors of the sky vary from purple to blue. Overall, you need to prepare yourself to all kinds of weather conditions!


Below we have listed some tips for packing:

For the Ski

  • Your own CLASSIC skis (some people take two for different conditions)
  • Poles
  • Boots (which you are used to ski with)
  • The waxes and the iron suitable for your skis
  • Little backpack or a fanny pack
  • Good hat and gloves
  • Layers (base and mid, merino wool is a good choice), enough for the whole week
  • Waterproof breathable jacket or a soft shell (the one you feel comfortable with)
  • Insulating jacket (light down jacket for example)
  • Neck or face gaiter for the cold mornings and windy days
  • Your favorite snacks, which give you the boost when most needed!
  • Sun lotion (believe it or not, on a sunny day the snow is reflecting so much light that your face might sunburn if not protected)
  • Sunglasses
  • A bottle for drinking during the ski (preferably a one which can survive in freeze without totally freezing your drink)

For After the Ski

  • Slippers and wool socks for the evenings
  • Your personal hygiene items (you might want to consider earplugs)
  • Comfortable clothes for free time
  • A Sleeping bag or a blanket (You will need them in Ruona school accommodation)
  • Towel
  • Charger, phone, camera etc.
  • NAME TAGS for everything. Tag your skis, poles, the ski bag ect. You are not the only one with black Fischer bag! J
  • Some skiers take something common (food, pictures, clothes) for their own culture to share with or show to others. You can use them also in the last evening’s ceremony in Tornio, where the skiers have their own show
  • Your personal medication (don’t forget blister bandage)
  • AN INSURANCE, we have not insured the skiers so make sure you have your own insurance for the whole trip. Make sure it covers the expense of Border to Border also in case of your personal cancellation