Rajalta rajalle -hiihto

Border to border - skiing event

Smiling Border to Border skiers

Ski, sleep and eat!


Border to Border ski takes nine days in total including the traveling days. During this time, the skier needs to take care only about three things: skiing, sleeping and eating. We warmly welcome you to this unforgettable journey where all the stress disappears!

Border to Border organization takes care of all meals, accommodation and transportation during the trip. There are two to seven service points with snacks and drinks and one lunch during a skiing day. We serve dinner, breakfast, evening snacks and a snack back at the accommodations. There is also a sauna in every accommodation. The bravest try ice swimming in Oivanki, Kuusamo!

After the last skier, there is always a snowmobile to secure your safety. The snowmobile drivers help you with any kind of problems during your ski. Moreover, there are excellent guides to help you!


NOTICE! The organization has not insured the skiers. We highly recommend skiers to take an insurance which covers also the participation fee in case of cancellation.

Day 1

Before the first skiing day, all the skiers unite in Oivanki Outdoor Education Centre in Kuusamo (RR1 Wednesday 8.3.2023, RR2 Thursday 9.3.2023, RR3 Friday 10.3.2023 and RR4 Saturday 11.3.2023). At the evening, Border to Border organization will hold an info for all the skiers where they get all the necessary tips to the upcoming challenge. You can also get to know your new skiing collegues! At the first day, we will serve sauna, dinner and an evening snack for you.

Notice that you can book accommodation from Oivanki also before the official start if you wish to test your skis beforehand!

Day 2

The first skiing day we start with good breakfast. The journey starts from Suorajärvi, which is located about 20 km from Russian border. There are about 43 km to ski and the day ends to Spa Hotel Kuusamon Tropiikki. On the first day, the track passes the beautiful fell area of Ruka. You can enjoy your after ski in the Spa.

Day 3

The second skiing day totals 60 km. During the second day you will taste traditional Finnish salmon soup in Särkelä service point! The day ends to Taivalkoski. Accommodation and meals are provided by Ruska. In Taivalkoski, you have an option to visit a local grocery store and pharmacy. You are also able to get a massage for yourself as well as for your skis! You are welcome to enjoy massage or to take an waxing service for your skis (these are not included in the total price).

Day 4

The third skiing day is 57 km long. During the past years, many skiers have thought that the third skiing day is the most beautiful. The day ends to the National park of Syöte. However, notice the last heavy kilometers before fell Hotel Pikku-Syöte!

 MG 6257 laavu ihmiset

Day 5

The fourth skiing day requires Finnish SISU (persistence and strength) because the skiing kilometers totals 86 km! The day starts with speedy downhill in Pikku-Syöte and ends to the long swamp areas in Ranua. In Ranua the accommodation takes place in Gasthaus Ranua and Ranua Resort

Day 6

The fifth skiing day starts with a group picture. Even if there are only 46 km to ski, the skiers often feel little tired after the previous long day. The lunch is served in Ruona village school and the skiers sleep there as well. Ruona village school is an old building in the countryside of Lapland, so it requires some flexibility from the skiers.

Day 7

The sixth skiing day is 60 km long. The lunch is served in Keminmaa. After the day's skiing is over, group is transported to Kemi for the accomodation to Hotelli Merihovi. After sauna and meal it might be good idea to have nice and restorative evening stroll before last skiing day.

Day 8

The seventh and the last skiing day starts from Keminmaa and ends in Tornio. It totals 54 km and has several service points. You made it! The accommodation for the last night is in Park Hotel Tornio, where you can relax in the sauna after the ski.  In the evening, all the skiers will have dinner together. After that is a celebration, where you may enjoy the shows by other skier groups and perform on your own!

 MG 6350 maali

Day 9

It is time to go home! Notice that on the last day you may book your flights/other transportation from Kemi at 9.00, from Oulu at 11.00 and from Kuusamo at 15.00.